Our main shaper, Rabbit comes from long surfing history. With a vast experience in small wave surfboards as well, Rabbit has a great talent for shapes for strong, hollow waves. More than just a shaper he is a driving force for Org Surfboards.

Jason Flanagan

We are also proud to have Australian shaper Jason Flanagan as part of our family, making the whole European production with us. Our friend Flanagan has the pleasure to visit us several times a year to produce the demands of the exigent european market.

Rory Oke

On the other hand we can count with the experienced shaper Rory Oke, he has some impressive alternative surfboard and handshaping skills.


Situated in greater Lisbon, close to infamous Carcavelos Beach, the factory is integrated into an unique surrounding, the alternative cultural center, Nirvana Studios, home to a vast number of visionaries and creators. Nirvana Studios provides great conditions, both for the residing companies as well as for customers and friends that come visit us.

The factory is divided into two floors, thus seperating the respective stages of production and it counts on a state-of-the-art CNC shaping machine. Our qualified staff, such as Alessandro Pereira - ACDC Repairs, Eduardo Garcia - CEO, responsable for production and representation of the company, amongst others look back on a long experience in surfing and surfboard building.