Our Factory

Situated in greater Lisbon, close to infamous Carcavelos Beach, the factory is integrated into an a space really easy to drive to, between Cascais and Sintra. Really new place with 700m2, three different areas to our customers, with a big surf shop and a reference ding repair area.

The factory is divided into two floors, thus seperating the respective stages of production and it counts with last generation state-of-the-art CNC shaping machine. Our qualified staff, such as Alessandro Pereira - ACDC Repairs, Eduardo Garcia - CEO, responsable for production and representation of the company, amongst others look back on a long experience in surfing and surfboard building.

Our Shapers


Rabbit is an experienced Portuguese shaper and surfer and is part of the history of national surfing. He is a multi-faceted artist, innovative and bold in his art. He is both a visionary, enjoying to design new models, and a perfectionist, listening to his clients and continuously looking for improvement on each board. His practice led him to experiment with different shapes which makes him an iconic shaper of both shortboards and guns; that is why he has been working directly with some of the best Portuguese surfers. This understanding and concern with meeting the surfers needs has been crucial to raise the quality of ORG Surfboards.

Dylan Longbottom

Dylan is a charismatic surfer who has long decided to pursue his dream of becoming a shaper. His excellent technique in the water proves to be a big advantage in the shaping room and the result couldn’t be better. He is considered to be one of the best in the world in shortboard, gun and tow-in board shaping. When he is not traveling or tube riding the dangerous wave of Teahupo, Dylan sets base in Australia or Indonesia, where he surfs regularly and runs his surf business. Portugal is the new chosen destiny to spend some of his time surfing and working. He loves our country and we love his visits and teachings in both land and sea.

Gary Liden

Gary is the kind of human being that can hardly be described in words. We would have to hire a professional biographer or, better yet, a poet. The Ocean is his life. This American shaper and big wave rider is known worldwide for the excellence of his work and…well his Art speaks for itself. Many decades spent dreaming and turning foam blanks into magic boards certainly gave him a lot of wisdom…and with the surfboard being such a special item for us surfers, nothing better than to have one made by this legend. We are very proud to have him in our Team.