Captain Jack


Excellent summer board: flat rocket to increase speed, bottom has single concave to double to V bottom. The tail is swallow o brake the surfing line easily and has a lot of volume. Ideal length is the same than regular boards and we use to say it’s a twin you can surf like a normal thruster. Another big detail is the step deck rail, increase the volume and keep the board narrow.

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Fin system: Twin

Bottom: Single concave to double to V bottom.

Rail: Step deck

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Surfboard Dimensions

5'418,75''2,38''26 ltrs
5'518,88''2,44''27,6 ltrs
5'619''2,50''29,1 ltrs
5'719,13''2,50''30,5 ltrs
5'819,38''2,50''32 ltrs
5'919,38''2,63''33,4 ltrs
5'1019,50''2,63''33,8 ltrs
5'1119,63''2,63''34,2 ltrs
6'019,75''2,63''35,5 ltrs
6'119,75''2,75''36,8 ltrs
6'220''2,75''39 ltrs
6'320.13''2,75''40,5 ltrs
6'420,25''3''42,5 ltrs
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