Double Slider


A new mid-length model that you can take out on any day of the week and just have heaps of fun.
Super easy to paddle with more area up front and can ride up to 8 inches longer than your shortboard, low rails making it easy to turn plus have that fast smooth glide feeling on the wave.

Instead of riding a long-board you can ride one of these and just cruise and glide in early or put in on rail with ease.

Ideal Conditions:



Fin system: Thruster

Bottom: Slight single into a deep double concave.

Rail: All

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Surfboard Available Dimensions

5’8"19’ 3/4"2’ 7/16"29.6
5’10"20’2’ 1/2"31.51
6’0"20’ 1/8"2’ 9/16"33.4
6’2"20’ 1/4"2’ 5/8"35.5
6’4"20’ 1/2"2’ 11/16"37.8
6’6"20’ 3/4"2’ 3/4"40.1
6’8"21'2’ 13/16"42.8
6’10"21’ 1/4"2’ 7/8"45.5
7’0"21’ 1/2"3'49.2
7’2"21’ 3/4"3’ 1/6"50.7
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