Mini Massas The Squid


Board made to be surfed with confidence. The squid was thought to better handle the power surfing. It extra fin on the rail increases significantly the drive and control in the manoeuvres. The speed provided by the fin allows the surfer more freedom to choose a different path on the wave and therefore try new perspectives of surfing.

Ideal Conditions:



Fin system: Quad, Thruster

Bottom: Single concave to double

Rail: All

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Surfboard Dimensions

5'618,63''2,19''24 ltrs
5'818''2,25''25,5 ltrs
5'918,88''2,38''27,5 ltrs
5'1019''2,38''27,9 ltrs
5'1119,13''2,44''28,7 ltrs
6'019,25''2,50''30 ltrs
6'119,25''2,63''32 ltrs
6'219,50''2,63''33,2 ltrs
6'419,75''2,75''34,8 ltrs
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